Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today just might very well be the worst day of my life. Not the worst, but close to it. I'm an easy going person. I try not to let things get to me. But, today happens to just about ruin my summer vacation. Last week, a certain person begged and pleaded with me (while also belittling me) to put a cooler with something I didn't want in my trunk to give back to a friend. I had a lot of hesitations and I really had no desire to carry it around. Well, today I looked in my trunk to find over $500 worth of stuff ruined. The cooler leaked and thus leaked on some of my stuff. My ipod happened to be in a bag in the trunk and it won't turn on. All my voice books are completely soaked. A couple of library and my own reading books were also soaked. I don't know if it's my fault or not. I do know is that I should have said no in the first place. I guess my mom was right I did learn a very valuable lesson. No wonder my car smelled of mildew and old books. I'm not wanting to blame anyone. I just really want to take a nap and pretend like nothing ever happened. But, sadly that's not how life is. Instead, I will try and forgive the person who left the cooler in my trunk and be ipod-less for the summer.
Oh well, I guess life could be worse.
Things that could be worse then this:
  1. Not going to North Carolina
  2. Death
  3. Physical ailement
  4. Being single (oh wait I am jk jk)
  5. Not knowing God!
Ok so I found some worse things. Doesn't mean I'm in a good mood. Just a more contemplative one. Well to all my readers: Enjoy the wonderful day!

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